Ways to Bring Slow Mode to Life

The slow mode not only defeats the speed of a n inherently untenable fast mode system. It’s also a recognition of the variety of mod modes needed to build a better mod system. Slow fashion is a mindset. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what slow fashion can look like in practice. 카지노사이트

1. Try the No New Clothes Challenge.

Challenge yourself not to buy anything new for a certain amount of time. Some do it for a year, but it can be shorter. By removing yourself from the endless cycle of consumption that defines the fast fashion industry, you can step back and heal your relationship with fashion.

2. Shop Your Closet

You know the saying, the greenest clothes are the ones you already own, including your old clothes.

Find ways to love them, wear them, fix them, and make them last as long as possible. It also helps you better understand your own style.

3. Wear (and love) your old fast fashion clothes

Actively work on environmental debt by continuing to wear – and love! – The fast fashion clothes you bought in the past is an important step in your slow fashion journey.

Everyone has old fast fashion clothes in their closet. Getting rid of them introduces unnecessary waste and perpetuates the belief that slow fashion should look a certain way. The best thing you can do is keep them, find ways to love them, wear them, fix them, and make them last as long as possible.

4. Be proud of repeating your outfits

Contrary to what social media tells us, it’s okay to repeat outfits as many times as you like!

We don’t have to put on a new dress to feel good. Follow these fun hashtags #proudoutfitrepeater, #rewearthat and #reweardontcare.

5. Borrowing Clothes from Friends and Family

If you’re going to a party or you see that dress in your girlfriend’s closet every time she puts it on, why not ask if you can borrow some? You can even offer to reciprocate and ask if she’s looked at anything in your closet.

You’ll save money, stop impulse buying, and really give yourself the same rush to try on a brand new piece of clothing.

6. Swap before you buy

Swap allows you to switch up your wardrobe without buying anything new and is usually very affordable. If you live in Cape Town, join NUDE FOODS’ monthly Twyg Swap&Mend.

7. Buy your beloved

Consider buying used. Buying secondhand clothing, instead of new pieces, extends the lifespan of that garment and saves it from going to waste. 온라인카지노사이트

8. Learn to mend and repair

Mending and repairing help us wear and keep our loved clothes for longer. These tutorials are good for the basics: The Essentials Club and Repair What You Wear. Another useful resource is The Fixing Fashion Academy by Fixing Fashion.

If you don’t have time to investigate, hire a small local sewing or repair company that can do the repair for you.

9. Try Rentals

If you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion or event and nothing in your wardrobe inspires you, try dress rentals. In South Africa you can rent from: Style Rotate, Shared Collective, On Rotate and Closet Runway.

10. Starting a DIY project

Can be anything from sewing a string of beads to learning to use natural dyes, crocheting or making an elastic. Not only is working with your hands a great way to practice mindfulness, but it also brings the creative process closer and encourages a greater sense of gratitude for the effort and energy that goes into making the clothes and accessories we wear become. . When you put love and care into creating something unique, it starts to destroy the throwaway culture we were all raised to be.

11. Take care of your clothes sustainably

Take the time to read the labels on your clothes. And set your clothing care as balanced as possible. This includes doing laundry less often at lower temperatures and using environmentally friendly detergents. Check out this guide to find out how to make your favorite clothes last longer.

12. Evaluate Your Fashion Information Source

Moving away from “fast fashion” is key to any slow fashion practice. This is a very important step to get out of the hamster wheel of fast fashion and overconsumption. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and marketing campaigns designed to get us to buy more and more at every turn, even in our inboxes and on social media. Unsubscribe and unsubscribe from those who don’t match your values.

13. Local Support

We have fantastic small brands and fashion companies that actively prioritize ethics and practice eco-friendly practices. Because of their size, these brands can make their supply chains more transparent.

14. Guided by ‘s “fewer better things”

Philosophy, buying less and emphasizing practices like swapping, lending, repairing and creatively using what you already have means you can save money and invest in conscious fashion brands that lead by example and show what a fairer future for fashion could look like. 바카라사이트

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