Pros and Cons of School Uniforms for Kids

School uniforms come in all sizes and create a sense of unity among students. But not all parents like the idea of sending their children to school in a uniform. Many schools in the US today propagate the concept of uniform for the students, but there are many private and public institutes in the country that feel otherwise. It is believed that kids who wear a school uniform perform better in their school and have a higher sense of safety. But there is no right answer to whether kids should wear a school uniform or not. In this article, we have come some advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform. These should help you decide if you should buy a school uniform for your child or not! 카지노사이트

Pros of School Uniforms
Let’s discuss the advantages of school uniforms for children.

  1. Help Create Uniformity
    One of the many benefits of wearing school uniforms for children is that they create a sense of identity and unity among school students. When children wear a similar uniform daily, they will have a similar identity and they won’t compete over who wears expensive or fashionable clothes. Children who cannot afford to wear expensive clothes won’t feel insecure if there is a uniform.
  2. There is No Pressure to Decide What to Wear
    Not having to decide what to wear on a daily basis in the morning can save a lot of time for children and they can get ready soon. It will save a lot of time and energy.
  3. Uniforms Help Break Class Barriers
    When all the kids are dressed in the same clothes it is difficult to establish their economic background. Uniforms create a sense of equality among kids, which makes them mingle with each other without bothering about their economic and social status.
  4. Uniforms Bring a Sense of Pride
    Just one look at the uniform can sometimes help in establishing which school the child goes to. If a child studies in a school that are well known and among top schools in a locality, then he/she will be proud that he goes to that school and adorn the uniform. Wearing the school uniform will bring a sense of pride and the child will respect the fact that he is getting the chance to study in one of the best educational institutions.
  5. Children Focus More on Education
    When there are fewer distractions and lesser concerns on the way one looks, a child can spend more time doing schoolwork. Also, according to one of the studies it was established that students’ scores improved after a uniform was introduced in the school. 안전한카지노사이트
  6. Uniforms Are More Economical
    Buying school uniforms for kids is more economical than buying an entire wardrobe for the season. Also, the school uniforms are made from stronger and better fabric, which means they can stand repeated washing and everyday wear and tear better than normal clothes. This also means that a few sets of uniforms can be sufficient to sail effectively throughout the entire academic year.
  7. They Help in Preventing Bullying
    Apart from various other reasons, clothes are one of the major reasons for bullying in school. However, wearing the same clothes or uniform helps in ensuring that there is no discrimination on the basis of clothes or how a particular child dress up.
  8. Uniforms Help in Reducing the Effort of Enforcing Dress Code Policies
    Schools that do not have school uniforms for the students have to make dress code policies. This can include various aspects such as deciding on the type or length of the skirt, the kind of shoes or footwear appropriate for school, the kind of shorts or pants that boys should wear in schools, etc. This can be quite tedious. But having a uniform for children can save time as all kids will wear a similar uniform and there will be no need for a dress code policy.
  9. They Ensure a Safer Environment
    When students wear uniforms, it becomes easier for the teachers to find out who is an outsider and who should not be on the school premises. It also discourages gang affiliations in school, which is usually evident by the colour of the clothes.
  10. Uniforms Help Keep a Tab on Children During Off-Campus Trips
    When on a field or off-campus trips, it becomes easier for the teacher to keep a tab on the students when they are dressed in their school uniforms. It also reduces the chances of students going missing because anyone going away from the campus can be identified easily by the teacher or even by passersby. 카지노사이트 추천

Cons of School Uniforms
Here are some disadvantages of school uniforms:

  1. Uniforms Restrict the Freedom of Expression
    By not allowing kids to dress up in the way they wish to, most schools hamper with the individuality of a child. The child is forced to dress up in a way that he may not be comfortable in.
  2. They May Lead to Added Stress
    Not all parents can afford many sets of uniforms, which means that parents have to wash and iron clothes often. Washing their child’s clothes when they come home from school can be taxing and stressing for the child and the parents.
  3. They May Lead to Segregation
    In an effort to enforce equality amongst students, sometimes certain uniform rules can create other kinds of biases and inequalities such as girls may not be allowed to wear pants. They may be asked to wear stockings. Similarly, wearing ties may be compulsory for boys, which they may not like.
  4. They May Conflict With the Right to Free Education
    Until or unless the government sponsors the cost of uniform for the underprivileged, the expenses on school uniform will have to be taken care of by the students’ parents or family. This may not be in favour of the idea of free education, where public schools are expected to provide education to underprivileged kids at no cost.
  5. Uniforms May Increase Outside Bullying
    While students of a particular school who take pride in their school and their uniform may become an object of bully for the kids from other schools who don’t have a uniform.
  6. Uniforms May Cause Discomfort
    Some kids may not be comfortable wearing a certain kind or type of garment that may include school uniforms too. This can be due to the fabric, the fit, or the cut of the uniform. This may cause utter discomfort to the child and may affect a child’s concentration and mood in the school.
  7. They May Cause Resentment Among Students
    Not all students like to wear school uniforms. They may not be happy with the idea of wearing same clothes every day and may want to dress up. But having to wear a uniform daily can instil a sense of resentment in a child. He may not like his school, teachers, and even parents.
  8. They May Hamper a Child’s Decision Making Skills
    By making children follow a set of rules and forcing a uniform on them, we take away their right to make a choice and decide for themselves. Children should be given the opportunity to decide for themselves. If you make rules and regulations for them and ask them to follow what you have decided for them, they won’t be able to make decisions for themselves.

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