Back to Cool: Fall Essentials for Everyday Wear 

There’s a lot to love about fall: the return of the seasonal coffee concoction, anti-sweat weather, and a new crop of fits that fall in line with the collective consciousness.

Call them trends, sartorial comebacks, or reimagined ways of wearing ye olde standbys—whatever your POV, Walmart (I know, we’re just as excited), is serving up all the swag with a new brand called Free Assembly now available on and in select store locations. 카지노사이트

The collection is a curation of layerable, mashable, staples that manage to achieve the impossible: a just-thrown-together nonchalance. And, it’s a look you’ll be putting on heavy rotation stat. The glory of these threads is they are super affordable—and, in fact, require zero effort to pull together. Go forth and shop.

Hard Workwear

Designed to get the job done, utility-inspired wear does not mess around when it comes to functionality. But it also has a kind of “could-care-less” vibe about it that cues accidental cool— like pairing a military shirt with a rugby as if they were born to go together.

Double-Down Denim

Denim on denim is a look that elicits feelings. And people have strong ones. What’s new about this iteration, however, is that it delivers shade—in varying tones. So, for the Canadian tuxedo-phobe, you’ll be happy to know coupling a lighter wash shirt with dark denim jeans is socially acceptable in every circle.

Multi-layered Looks

There’s an art to layering that always seems just out of reach save for a stylish few. Done well, it induces envy; done poorly, and you’re entering the fashion equivalent of dad bod real fast.

Laying the groundwork is all about building on lighter pieces—T-shirt, oxford, jacket—and then giving a small glimpse of what’s underneath to create dimension. 안전한카지노사이트

Bombs Away

Yup, the latest drop is the bomber jacket—or shall we say, the return of the bomber jacket. Maybe you have one collecting decades of dust, and that’s cool, but it probably looks like it, and not in a good way. The quilted detailing on this one feels more now than 1980s.

Mixed Media

These days prints on prints are all but ubiquitous and it seems anything goes. But, to mix and clash effortlessly, like layering, there’s an art to it. Keeping pieces in the same color family forms a symbiosis of sorts—like this look, for example. We love the novel take on the #unbutton. Kind of like the #unboxing, it reveals a surprise every time. 카지노사이트 추천

Business Casual

If this outfit had a tagline, it would read, “all dressed up and everywhere to go.” Let’s deconstruct, shall we? Paired with a white oxford, rolled dark wash skinny jeans function as a dress pant, so essentially these threads can transition from work to meeting to date in multi-hyphenate fashion. Topped with a chore jacket, and you’ve just earned yourself serious swag.

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