Hey gorgeous! I’ve been working with so many fitness-related posts lately and have been feeling so proud to associate myself with something so healthy and positive. My most recent mission? To scout the best mall in Chennai for the latest trends in active wear. And I’m so excited to finally show you what I found there! 카지노사이트

My latest collaboration with Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai was all about finding the hottest in gym and sports wear. So I checked out the merch in different sportswear brands – Reebok, Adidas, Puma and Columbia to decode the latest fashion trends in this category. Because everybody knows that looking good is more important than what you’re doing!

Workout Outfits, Trends & How-To Choose for Different Types of Activities & Sports

  1. Running Look with Reebok
    Why Run?
    Running is one of the best cardio exercises that strengthens your heart and helps burn fat fast. So girl, if you wanna maintain a great figure, you gotta run! Running and cross-training really are Reebok’s core-strengths, it being the first brand to ever make a women’s athletic shoe.

How to Choose Running Clothes for Women

The most important thing in a running outfit is the shoes. The kind of shoe you need really depends on your running style, the shape of your feet and how your foot hits the ground. Also, the kind of shoes you need for running on the road are different from gym. Bright-colored shoes are super in, paired with neutral shorts, so that’s what I’m trying!

For warm weather like we have in Chennai, you need ventilating clothing that keeps you cool but also protects you from the sun. Go for shorts in a moisture-wicking fabric like polyester or nylon to keep you dry and they should be loose enough to avoid chafing while running. Pair it with a top with mesh panels or cooling vents. Reflective logos are a great idea that can help drivers see you in the dark.

  1. Gym Look with Reebok
    How to Choose Gym Clothes
    Gymming helps you combine different forms of exercise, which is a great idea if you’re looking for specific results like toning of abs, muscle gains or reducing tummy fat. Flexible stability is required for cross-training, especially weight-training. You need midfoot support for side to side movements – something that has lightweight cushioning in the heel. Plus rubber soles in the toes provide great grip for activities like planks, burpees, etc.

How I Created My Pretty Gym Outfit
I went for a bright look to really make a statement on the dull gym floor! I also tried the crop top trend with extra-low armholes! Here’s a pro-fashion tip – if you have a bright colored bottom, pair it with either a matching top or go for a neutral color like black or grey.

  1. Zumba Look with Puma

Zumba is one of my personal favorite workouts. It’s a fun way to burn fat and calories but unlike racket sports, you can do Zumba anywhere, anytime, in any weather and even just by yourself! Unlike boring gym workouts, this is something you can actually enjoy and look forward to!

Puma specializes in fitness, outdoor sports, motor sports and lifestyle. Recently they’ve launched some really chic womenswear by Rihanna as the creative director. Zumba really allows one to try different types of workout outfits. Shorts, leggings, yoga pants – pretty much anything works! I prefer wearing them with a tank top with a built-in sports bra and a tee. 안전한카지노사이트

  1. Tennis Look with Adidas
    Tennis is a really fun sport for those who prefer playing out in the fresh air instead of in a closed gym room. It’s great to improve metabolism and flexibility, increasing reaction time. It’s personally helped me be a quick thinker! ;P Although these days I’m way more into badminton! Can’t wait to play today after work! Those unhealthy fats I gained last night from my trip to McDonald’s won’t know what got them! Muhahaha!!

Adidas goes for an all-rounded approach to fitness and sports, where they have specific shoes and gear for every sport. They haven’t even forgotten the fashion angle – mixing sports with style, even though their three stripes are iconic.

How to Select Tennis Clothes

You need a dress or skirt loose enough to allow for quick movements. A dress with built-in shorts is a great idea. Breathable fabrics are advisable. Racket sports need quick movements in different angles, so go for a shoe shaped for stability. Flexibility around toes is also important, along with cushioning for shock absorption in case your one foot is supporting the weight of your entire body. It helps avoid falls and injuries.

I tried on a white dress with darker color-blocking on the sides. This is not only trendy but also has a slimming effect. Plus matching shoes with lots of color accents on my outfits!

  1. Yoga Look with Adidas
    Yoga is the best workout to improve flexibility. It’s also a great healing workout. Its countless other benefits have really made yoga a worldwide celebrity! 카지노사이트 추천

The Right Yoga Clothes
The proper fitness outfit ideas should always suit the activity. For yoga, you need a stretchable pair of leggings or capris. Go for a comfortable sports bra without back closures because they can dig into the skin during your lying-down poses. You can also add a form-fitting tee over it. Avoid loose shorts or tees because they may ride up when you’re doing one asana or the other! That’s why a lot of cute workout outfits don’t work in yoga because they end up revealing a little more than you intended!

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