3 Tips On How To Style Your Everyday Wear

Styling everyday wear is somewhat tricky. Because we all want to look good all day every day. The same standard look everyday gets very boring and typical. To brighten up your everyday wear, here are some of the style tips you need.

  1. Invest in basic clothing
    This is highly important because a proper quality basic clothing can be used in multiple ways and it is also extremely classy yet simple. For example, a simple plain white t-shirt can be worn in multiple ways such as for work meetings and casual brunches with friends. Any alternate bottom wear like floral skirts or denim shorts can make it vacation ready. A properly fitted jeans, a monochrome skirt and a pair of tailored pants are some of the basic staples you need. 카지노사이트
  2. Experiment with bright colors

Monochromes are great. They look amazing with all anything. On the top of this, they make you look thinner and taller too! But if you wanna break the cycle and look stylish, experiment with bright colors. Pull off those bright pinks and oranges. Learn color blocking like Katrina in this picture. Make sure you don’t bring prints while color blocking but you can totally go for floral, abstract and geometrical prints otherwise. 안전한카지노사이트

  1. Dress according to your comfort and body type
    There is no way you are going to look stylish if you move around uncomfortably in a skirt. Therefore, dress in the clothes that are comfortable to you. Try different variations in it. Also, know your body well. Learn which clothes suit your body type and which do not. Say you’re apple shaped, invest in peplum tops. If you’re pear-shaped, go for dark toned bottoms and shoulder-padded blazers.
  2. Accessories and Makeup
    Accessories and makeup play an important role everywhere. For an everyday look, maintain subtle makeup. Maybe a little eyeliner and some lip gloss if fine but don’t go overboard. And also invest in good quality classy jewelry such as a pair of studs, which basically go with anything! 카지노사이트 추천

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